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PET Primary Booster

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PET Primary Booster

Large bottle production operations often consume great quantities of high-pressure and low-pressure air. For certain customers, who choose to invest in a modular system, Ingersoll Rand can provide a primary compressor augmented by a booster. An advantage of this configuration is that it allows for independent addition of capacity to each circuit. The primary compressor can be chosen from a wide range of oil-free rotary or centrifugal compressor designs, which require minimal maintenance. A robustly designed two-stage non-lubricated reciprocating compressor serves as the booster.




  • Multiple stages of compression improve efficiency and extend compressor life by maintaning lower operating temperatures
  • The primary compressor and balanced opposed booster require a minimum foundation
  • System capacity can be added independently to each circuit allowing for modular expansion
  • Over-sizing the primary compressor is an efficient method of providing low pressure, oil-free air for plant use
  • Centrifugal compressors, with few moving components, require minimum maintenance and replacement parts, significantly reducing maintenance costs
  • The reciprocating booster, by design, requires significantly less valves than that of an atmospheric compressor, resulting in lower maintenance costs
  • Standard low pressure dryer allows for dry plant air and eliminates possible freeze-ups due to high-pressure condensate removal
  • Primary and booster can be sized to optimize the plant air system. When an expansion of low or high pressure air is needed, additional air can be added in that circuit
  • All compressors, including boosters, tested at 100% full operating pressure