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GE technology to help China cope with the new demands of nat

China, Chongqing, 2013 April 2-GE Waukesha gas engines of similar success as the biggest gas compressors powered gas field in Chongqing, the official project has been put into commercial operation. The same level compared to other gas compressors, this device on the gas compression ratio increased by 3%. The project as a national large-scale natural gas storage facilities construction plan, set fuel flexibility, high efficiency and reliability, low emissions and other advantages in one, helping China's long-term development strategy.

  GE Waukesha 16V 275GL + gas engine, the output power 4,835 horsepower, speed 1000 rev / min. It serves the object is independently developed by China, the first stage of +4,000 horsepower output level and above, by the gas engine-driven high-speed reciprocating compressors. The advanced compression technology has been applied in the oil subsidiary of Southwest Petroleum gas compressor stations on the company's operations, the compressor station output reached 2.8 million cubic meters of natural gas. Chongqing in southwest China, the country's largest production base of natural gas.

  In the past 5-10 years, natural gas compression rate increase of 3% that rely on natural gas pipeline, it is significant. It can transmit compressed gas has a very large growth. Meanwhile, powered by GE Waukesha 275GL + natural gas engine green, help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Comparison with the same power of the engine, Waukesha engine can reduce more than 1,900 metric tons per year of carbon dioxide emissions.

"With GE Waukesha gas engine technology not only improves the local production and distribution of natural gas compression capacity, but also to meet the requirements for clean energy." New compressors developer PetroChina (CNPC) Jinan Diesel Power Plant compressor plant in Chengdu Director Liu Hu said.

"With the successful installation of the gas engine and put into commercial operation, we look forward to the first of its kind compressor stations can become a model for future projects benchmarking, helping China's growing demand for natural gas storage." GE Power & Water Gas Engine Gas Compression Group Global sales charge Roger George said, "We firmly believe that GE's gas engine technology is ideally suited to China's demand for gas compression. Moreover, with the continuous development of the field, our technology will continue to play an important role."

The project is supported by Germany and the United States Chongqing Electromechanical Co., Ltd. GE Waukesha (China) dealer service center support, the center was established in 2008 in Chongqing.

  GE Waukesha 275GL + series gas engine is a spark ignition engine, in stockpiling, production and transportation of natural gas driven compressors in section. Compared with other similar products, the device high fuel flexibility, lower greenhouse gas emissions, the overall energy efficiency can be improved by 2%. The technology in addition to the first application in Chongqing, but also in China and other projects worldwide (as in India) are widely used.

In addition to driving a gas compressor applications, GE Waukesha gas engines are also distributed energy companies innovative range of solutions in one, through the use of different fuels, either grid or off-grid, businesses and communities around the world to provide reliable efficient power. GE Distributed Energy product line also includes GE aeroderivative gas turbines and heat recovery solutions for the cleaning cycle.

GE Waukesha gas engines are GE "ecomagination" product family one. "Ecomagination" family of products and services must be improved and the economic value of environmental excellence. "Ecomagination" is committed to innovative solutions GE's commitment: that maximize the use of resources, improve performance and make the world better.