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Cao Kejian Representative: increase energy equipment standar

   Justice Network Beijing, March 11 (Xinhua) (Reporter Wang Xinyou) NPC chairman Cao Kejian mountains Justice Network in an interview with reporters today called on to take coercive measures to encourage or even to improve the standard of domestic energy-using equipment.

   Cao Kejian representative noted that energy efficiency of energy-using equipment access threshold is low, serious waste of energy. In the gas compressor, refrigerant compressor has not developed the field of energy efficiency rating, energy use, greater inefficiency. If the domestic production and in-service access to the energy efficiency of air compressors increased by a three to one, our annual savings of 128.8 billion kwh of electricity; If our unit GDP energy consumption fell to the world average, according to 2011 China's GDP total $ 7.3 trillion calculations, you can save 1.022 billion tons of oil equivalent, worth $ 650 billion. He suggested that even coercive measures taken to encourage and improve the standard of domestic energy-using equipment.