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About Us

   Tianjin Grand gas compression equipment Ingersoll-Rand Co. Tianjin area designated authorized agents. Professional development is a high-tech mechanical and electrical equipment and engineering and technical services company.

   Tianjin Grand Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in compressed air compressors, air treatment equipment, air separation equipment, compressor systems skid design and engineering installation.

   Tianjin Grand Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. Compressor Division compressed air compressors and ancillary equipment in the elite technology investment, research and development of industrial gas skid system; air compressor energy conversion systems; air compressor, nitrogen machine skids and other sets, which are widely used in various industries in the industrial production. quality products and perfect service to get the customer's trust and praise. broad range of services in the food and beverage, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, electric power, automobile , chemical and other industries. To provide customers with high quality, reliable, efficient and innovative products and systems.

   Tianjin Grand gas compression equipment Co., Ltd. has a lean staff, some employees engaged in decades compressor system design, research and manufacturing. All new employees must undergo a rigorous technical training and quality training, so as to produce high quality products made ​​by guarantee. Strong service system and a professionally trained service engineers ready to provide you with quick support. We are committed to our customers free of charge for the entire compressed air system equipment installation supervision, commissioning, until the device into the normal working condition. During the equipment installation and commissioning commitment to the buyer's technicians, operators and maintenance staff to conduct a comprehensive technical and maintenance staff to conduct a comprehensive technical training.