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   Tianjin Grand gas compression equipment Ingersoll-Rand Co. Tianjin area designated authorized agents. Professional development is a high-tech mechanical and electrical equipment and engineering and technical services company.

   Tianjin Grand Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in compressed air compressors, air treatment equipment, air separation equipment, compressor systems skid design and engineering installation.

   Tianjin Grand Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. Compressor Division compressed air compressors and ancillary equipment i
PET Centrifugal PET Centrifugal Ingersoll Rand pioneered centrifugal technology in the PET industry. Our goal was sim

PET Reciprocating PET Reciprocating When unsurpassed performance is required, the PETStar 4 line of reciprocating compr

PET Primary Booster PET Primary Booster Large bottle production operations often consume great quantities of high-pressur